Hi All!
This website was created in one purpose - to bring text battle reports back.
I love old-school batreps that were published in White Dwarf in late 90’es. I have read them all hundred of times - to find army specific tactics, fluff and watch those marvelously painted miniatures and pieces of terrain. What was also very important to me was that army selections was fluff-inspired and described by gamers before the battle took place. I liked it a lot and it had a great influence on me as a gamer.
Nowadays it seems that everybody are doing video reports. That is fine but I miss printed ones - with fluff stories behind each battle, arts and photographs of small details on miniatures. Reports that are more like short stories rather than just record of moves and dice results.
And this is my target - to recreate that atmosphere.
I will try to publish at least one battle report per month that would include all those elements. You won’t see any unpainted miniature on this page or any model that is not 100% WYSIWYG.
I hope that You will enjoy this page!